A Squalor of Chickens

A Squalor of Chickens

A Squalor of Chickens

A fae warrior, a twisted changeling and a choice for all eternity.

Banished to earth by the unSeelie Queen, changeling, Rose, must chose between life or betrayal of all she believes in.
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About the Book

Once a warrior of the Seelie Court, Rose now exists as a changeling in a twisted human body devoid of magic. Only on midwinter day can she taste magic again, in the form of a single spell, one that allows her to reconnect the ice-cold Earth with the sun’s life-giving warmth. Her one power is the single most important one–ushering in Spring.

When offered the choice of a life, or betrayal, will she abandon her duty?

Genres: Fantasy, General, Historical, Short Story
Tags: Fae, fairy, Fantasy, Fey, magic, Midwinter, mythology and folk tales, Solstice, supernatural
Publisher: Twisted Root Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781927753637
eBook Price: 1.99
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