Series: The Cartographer Universe, Stand Alone Novels, Book 3
Genre: General
Length: Novel
Publisher: Twisted Root Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781927753446
Change never came to Ouzaradade until the day the handsome stranger rode out of the mountains. Ralia saw him, but no one will admit his existence. Ralia must fight to find him, for between the two of them they hold the key to Ouzaradade's past and future.


To Ralia of the Maps, change never comes to the village of Ouzaradade. Each day starts and ends exactly the same as the one before—until the day the stranger rides down from the mountains. Something about him calls to her, but when she seeks him out everything in the village changes. No one will admit to the stranger’s existence, but she knows what she saw and she won’t stop until she uncovers the stranger’s secret and his link to Ouzaradade. Her desperate, dangerous search leads Ralia on a dangerous adventure to discover her past, her purpose, her magic and—perhaps—her future.

Karen L. Abrahamson returns readers to the early days of the world when Cartos, deim and human still walked the earth and the myth of Cartos demons formed in men’s minds.

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