Only Three Days Left!

Only three days left to get your copy of the Romance StoryBundle Past, Present and Paranormal, curated by the wonderful Romance writer M.L.Buchman and including others such as  Terry SpearKristine Grayson/Kristine Kathryn RuschAnthea LawsonKay StockhamDean Wesley Smith and myself.  As with all StoryBundles, you pay what you want. You can also make a donation to charity.

Here’s the link.

I’ve been enjoying the terrific novels included in this bundle and I’m sure you will, too. Take advantage of this opportunity!

A BookBlast Sale!

Terra Incognita is being promoted through BookBlast today (Here) and is available for $0.99 on Amazon through this weekend.

Here’s the blurb:

Terra Vargas lives on an Earth shattered by climate change in a city threatened by fierce marauders—the deepee—who destroyed her family. When a young man, Ravi Sanghera, arrives with a destiny of his own—to rid the earth of the “Destroyer of World”, Terra learns she inherited powers she neither understands nor wants—powers that might contain the secret to preserving or destroying the only home she knows.

Now Ravi faces a terrible choice, follow his vision and kill Terra… Or abandon the reason he traveled halfway around the shattered planet, and help her stop the deepee.

The answer lies in their future, but first they must survive.

Happy reading!

Free Fiction – My Christmas Gift to Readers

As a gift to my readers, this short story is for free from now until January 1st. I’m thrilled to provide another wintry tale (maybe it’s because we just got our first good snowfall of the year and the entire city is shut down). This one takes us back to medieval times and a small clearing in a forest. And of course it’s a romance with horses.


Click here. Sorry the Freebie has come down. Watch for a new one this month.

Free Fiction

Free Fiction this week is part one of Pretense for Murder.

A dead girl, an empty phone booth where one shouldn’t be and a school full of suspects with too many unusual powers.

When student, Vallon Drake discovers the dead body of a girl and a British phone booth standing outside the American Geological Survey Preparatory Academy, she knows someone with special power committed the murder. Heck, her school exists to teach students with the talent to rewrite the landscape as future special agents. But while Vallon wants to solve the crime, everyone else wants to cover it up. Trust Vallon to break the rules to take the investigation on—even when the cost of doing so might be her life.

To read Part one, click here.

Free Fiction

Brambles and Black Horses

By Karen L. Abrahamson

Gayle lost everything in the long ago accident that killed her family’s champion race horse and left her a ruined wreck of flesh and broken bones. Now, as bulldozers destroy the old farm where her love of racing was born, the appearance of a strange barefoot boy threatens to bring ruin upon her again.


To read the story, click here.