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Unlocking Her Heart_cover_final 200-300Unlocking Her Heart

Karen L. Abrahamson

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When Kylee Jensen left Africa she left behind her fiancée and brought with her a badly broken heart. To heal, she seeks out her best friend in the idyllic lakeside town of Peachland where she meets bad boy vintner Brett Main. Kylee knows her barely mended heart can’t take a man like Brett, but meeting Kylee might just be the incentive Brett needs to change his ways. When a mysterious death disturbs the peace that Kylee sought, and she finds a puzzling bracelet that refused to be removed from her wrist, only Brett’s help can keep Kylee from being next on the killer’s hit list.

Karen L. Abrahamson creates a cast of wonderful characters in this, the first book of the Bracelet contemporary romance series. The book will take readers to the sun-soaked Okanagan Valley where orchards and vineyards cover the hills and sometimes magic raises its head, like the ancient Okanagan lake monster.


Romance: Past, Present and Paranormal Book Bundle

I’m thrilled to announce that Shades of Moonlight,  my paranormal romance set in Burma, will be part of a story bundle scheduled to come out on April 30th. If you love Romance in all its past, present and paranormal glory, you are going to love this bundle by an astounding group of best-selling authors. Click HERE to visit the site.