The Cartography Universe

The Cartography Universe

Welcome to the Cartographer Universe. Long ago, in a world still uninfluenced by human endeavor, the Creator spilled five drops of blood upon the earth. From these sprang the five progenitors of the Cartos—beings with the power to rewrite the landscape with the stroke of their pens. Since then, Cartos culture has risen and fallen. Their great-great-grandchildren many times removed now live among us, most not knowing the rich history of their ancestors, nor the talents that lie dormant in their blood.

I’ve mined this rich history to bring their stories to you, from the beginning of time to the end, and everything in between. The Cartographer Universe Series includes the following novels: 


The Warden of Power
The Cartographer’s Daughter

The American Geological Survey Series:


 The Terra Trilogy:

TERRA Incognita
TERRA Infirma
The Terra Trilogy Collection


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