The Author at Tulum, Mexico

The Author at Tulum, Mexico (2008) Copyright (c) B. Abrahamson

The author of the well-regarded Cartographer Universe series (including the American Geological Series and the Terra Trilogy), Karen Abrahamson (aka Karen L. McKee) wrote her first poem at age six. Since then she has written and sold poetry, short fiction and Romance and Fantasy novels. Her non fiction has appeared in newspapers and magazines and often reflects her passion for travel and other cultures. In her words, “a bad day of writing is still better than the best moments of working for a living”.

On the boat to Seim Reap, Cambodia

On the boat to Seim Reap, Cambodia (2009) Photo (c) Selma Swaab

After a wandering youth that took her across North America countless times, she currently lives in the Metro Vancouver area of Canada with two Bengal cats who inherited James Dean’s bad-ass attitude. All they’re lacking is the black leather. When she isn’t writing she makes her living as a consultant for non-profit and government agencies.

An inveterate traveler, amateur photographer, and a fan of old maps, Karen keeps a loaded backpack to hand because she never knows when she will meet a destination she can’t refuse. Come visit her varied destinations in her writing.

The bengal boys watch their first snow.

The bengal boys watch their first snow.

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  1. Hello! I just came across your website while doing a search on the Inca Trail and I have to say WOW — you have some gorgeous captures of Machu Picchu!! I went there with my sister in 2004, 6 months after I finished chemo and radiation therapy. We had a blast, but I lost the SD card 🙁 I am making a surprise scrapbook for my sister. Is there any chance I could get a few prints from you? Digital would be best. I am going to do some montages, then send them for printing.

    Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    Ken Harmon

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