Enter the break-neck next chapter of the AGS series: The secrets of the Gifted made public. The American Geological Survey destroyed. A mortally wounded Vallon must overcome the greatest foe she has ever faced.
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In this thrilling conclusion to this mystery, thriller series, Vallon and her lover, the warlock Xavier, barely escape the devastation and death of the Pacific Northwest, but mysterious events draw them back into danger and the battle for Gifted survival. The betrayal of allies, the threat of foreign powers, and the increasing ability of Homeland Security to identify and destroy the Gifted, all conspire to separate the lovers in order to deal with the worst threat Vallon has ever faced.

Something is slowly, but surely, devouring Seattle, and neither Vallon nor Xavier have the psychic strength to stop it. If they can’t stop it, the darkness will destroy not only America, but the world.

Karen L. Abrahamson delivers another breakneck adventure that leaves the reader gasping in this fourth installment of the American geological Survey. With its twists and turns and memorable characters, Abrahamson delivers an ending that begs for “just one more.”


“An exciting and original addition to the urban fantasy genre.” Adrian Phoenix, author of the Maker’s Song Series.

What readers are saying:

“This series just sucks you in. Not being a fan of fantasy, I wasn’t sure it would sustain my interest but I enjoyed all the books. Now I’m looking for other things Abrahamson has written.”Dr. P. Sindberg

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