High altitude lake with Vicuna. El Misti volcano fills the sky in the distance. (2011) Photo (c)Karen Abrahamson

In March  and April 2011, I backpacked in Peru for five weeks. If you want to read about my misadventures read my blog posts starting here. Below are photos of the many wonderful people and places I saw. I’ve had some people suggest that I should make a book available with my photos. What do you think? Should I go to the trouble?

Lima and Environs:


Canyon de Colca/The Altiplano:

Lake Titicaca:



The Camino INca:

Machu Picchu:

2 Replies to “Peru”

  1. Karen, since you are multi-talented as both writer and photographer, that book should be terrific. I vote yes! 🙂

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